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Katy Lyons



“To Achieve Harmony, Comfort and Balance in life, you must first bring this into your environment and then into your life.”

Katy has been studying and practicing Feng Shui for the past 20 years.  Her formal education is in Interior Design.  She received her Feng Shui certification from Denise Linn, author of the best-seller; Sacred Space and Feng Shui for the Soul.  Katy has continued her education of Feng Shui through attendance of International Feng Shui Conferences, independent study and most profoundly through practical application as a Feng Shui Consultant.

Katy was one of the founding members of the Oregon Feng Shui Guild.  Her extensive practice in Portland, Oregon and Taos, New Mexico has included the following applications:

• Residential Consulting

• Home Offices

• Businesses

• Retail Establishments

• Child Development Center

• Training Centers

• Daycare Facilities

• Schools

• Home Clearings & Blessings

• Land Clearings

• On Site work with Architects, Developers and Contractors

• Spas/Salons

• Real Estate “For Sale” Clearings

• Restaurants

• Initial Construction Design Consulting

• Created a School that Trained Feng Shui Consultants


“Katy Lyons is a highly qualified Feng Shui Practitioner and Teacher.  Her integrity, compassion and enthusiasm for this ancient art help her empower all who work with her.  She has the ability to establish profound and life-changing experiences for her clients and students.  I highly recommend her services.”    

-Denise Linn, Best-Selling Author of Sacred Space & Feng Shui for the Soul.


Katy is a trained and certified Interior Alignment Practitioner who practices a form of intuitive Feng Shui.  Combining her psychic abilities with her Interior Design background, Katy creates healing, transformational, and aesthetically beautiful environments to help generate good health, prosperity, balance and harmony in one’s business or personal space.